Who built the fortress of Luxembourg? How did we get there? How did inhabitants and soldiers live? How did they heat? How did they endure the vagaries of war, and how did the enemy attempt to attack the fortress? The participants will study the evolution of the construction of the fortress and will discover the daily life of its inhabitants. At the end of the visit, they will play the assault game "The Siege of Luxembourg" in giant version.

a) Study of 5 urban models (from the 10th to the 21st century)
b) Visit the exhibition areas suitable for the workshop
c) Play the strategic game "The Luxembourg headquarters"
d) Reconstruction of the fortified city as a large-format puzzle
e) Analysis of texts and historical photos (themes: living space, water, wood, etc.) followed by discussions
f) Excursion to the city (Corniche)

Objective: To analyze the influence of the fortress's construction on the development of the city and on the life of the inhabitants

Age category: from the 4e cycle des Enseignement fondamental




Museum lecturer - guide