The adventures of "Renert"
The adventures of "Renert"
The adventures of "Renert"

The fox is a frequently recurring figure in the Luxembourgish literature. Inspired by great German and French writers, Michel Rodange (1827-1876) and Edmond de la Fontaine, called Dicks (1823-1891), wrote their own variations on this clever and stimulating journeyman in Luxembourgish language.

After the exhibition visit, during which the participants will listen to the adventures of the fox and see the famous Renert sculpture by Jean Curot, a hand puppet of Renert made of felt (or a picture painted) will be produced in a workshop.

a) Visit the exhibition areas in relation to the national identity
b) Listen to extracts from "De Wëllefchen an de Fiischen"
c) Practical work: creation of a puppet "Renert" in felt

Objective: Understand the history and the development of the Luxembourg national identity; Introduction to the history of literature in Luxembourg; Learn the technique of felting

Age category: from the 3e cycle of Enseignement fondamental




Museum lecturer – guide