On its most beautiful terrace overlooking the Corniche, the Lëtzebuerg City Museum has installed a new work by Luxembourg artist Franck Miltgen: Circle Spot.

At the end of the permanent exhibition, the sculpture invites visitors to sit down and contemplate the urban landscape. The view of the historic Grund suburb and the Rham plateau is simply breathtaking!
Like Daniel Buren, the artist describes his work as a "visual tool" that structures and frames the gaze. The mobile sculpture is both circular and elliptical, according to the perspective of the eye. During this meeting, Franck Miltgen will explain the process of creating Circle Spot, which consisted of a series of transfers from one medium to another. Combining knitted fabric, steel and aluminium, weatherproof, the work presents an original mix of materials.

Location: Lëtzebuerg City Museum / Level 2 / Terrace