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With Paulo Lobo – Photographer

As part of our exhibition "Ons Schueberfouer", we are organizing a photographic workshop with Paulo Lobo. This workshop will propose an artistic approach, in the spirit of "Street photography", of the Schueberfouer and consists of 2 phases:

First 2 hours of "theory" where you discover the different techniques of photography, the art of capturing an atmosphere and the basics of image rights.
Then you go to the Schueberfouer, to take pictures of the popular atmosphere of this big fair.

Once at home, you can send your photos to Paulo Lobo for a professional advice, by email exchange. In preparation for this exchange, we recommend that you attend both sessions. Interested parties are requested to bring their own equipment. The workshop can be held in French or English. Please specify your preference when registering.

+++ Fully booked on 24.08 +++




Paulo Lobo


15 EUR


Reservation mandatory