The Climate Change on my plate

01.11.2023 > 14.07.2024

Where do tomatoes come from in winter? When can I eat strawberries from Luxembourg? And what happens to the packaging of my food? Children will explore these questions and many more during an exciting expedition on the themes of food and climate change. Through small experimental activities, children will discover what the greenhouse effect is, how CO² is produced, and what the consequences of climate change are for us in Luxembourg and elsewhere.

Educational Objectives: Using interactive methods to make abstract topics understandable and encourage children to rethink their eating habits.

This workshop was designed by ASTM and Klima-Bündnis Lëtzebuerg.

AUDIENCE: From the 3.2nd cycle of primary education
DURATION: 2:00 hours
PRICE: Free for primary schools in the City of Luxembourg, €100/guide for external institutions
REGISTRATION: T +352 4796 4500 November 1, 2023