Discover the history of the City of Luxembourg from its origins to the 18th century! During this guided tour, you will have the honour of being welcomed by the legendary Count Sigefroid who built his fortified castle on the Bock rock. To tell you about the history and legends of "Lucilinburhuc", he will show you, among other things, historical documents, models and objects from the museum's collection. Come and discover the history of Luxembourg in the company of Sigefroid, a true medieval count!

›› Création artistique : Natalia Sanchez & Lex Gillen
›› Direction pédagogique : Natalia Sanchez
›› Acteur : Lex Gillen

Max. participants: 2 classes
Public: From the cycle 2.2 of fundamental education, lower classes of secundary education and extracurricular institutions




350 EUR per presentation