Sonia Dumitrescu creates creatures that can be discovered on She also offers workshops that focus on the creative process, imagination and self-discovery.

We offer 6 workshops that resonate with her artistic approach and the creative space of the Lëtzebuerg City Museum as the windows of the creation space open onto a panoramic view. The height allows oneself to detach from the earthly world and gain an overall view of the landscape.

The workshops are an invitation to access the immaterial and the imaginary as the workshops revolve around the real and the unreal.

Metamorphosis has been a common theme since ancient times in many mythologies, religions, folklore, as well as in modern popular culture such as science fiction and fantasy. Who has already imagined transforming into a creature that is half human, half animal? What animal head would you like to have? Let's build a mask that will turn you into a hybrid.

The workshop covers two days.

Dates: Wednesday 17.08 and Thursday 18. 08
Time: 14:00 – 16:30
Language: multilingue
Audience: from 8 years on






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