Whatever your age, your language, your knitting level, Mamie et moi & Cohabit’AGE invite you to 2 hours of weekly conviviality.

Through the initiative mateneen, Cohabit’AGE has the ambition, further than their model of innovative accommodation, to help people who are seeking asylum in Luxembourg, in their integration process in giving them opportunities of meeting the local population.

Open to all, regardless to age or nationality, the goal of these 2 hour meetings is :
- To learn and and improve your knitting skills, thanks to the know-how of the grannies of « Mamie et moi »
- To form a bond of friendship and promote interactions between the local population and political refugees
- To discover the art and history museums of Luxembourg to promote integration through culture

Each workshop is followed by a short visit to the museum's permanent exhibition. Equipment available on site and the entry is free.


2 hours


No inscription needed