Share a cultural moment and enjoy an activity in the Roulot'ographe, a caravan that can be adapted to a giant camera obscura and a photographic laboratory. The Roulot'ographe initiates to photography, in a practical, educational and playful way. This mobile laboratory, which serves as a place of creation, offers a rediscovery of the living space and at the same time a disruption of perspectives. The Roulot'ographe workshop proposes to experience the giant obscura camera, to see upside down and in mirror, to make photographic images with small boxes transformed into obscura camera, to develop these photos on site in the Roulot'ographe and to see them almost immediately.

›› We offer a time slot of 15 minutes per person/family. Please register, and specify the schedule that suits you.


11:00 - 15:00 (continuously)