Generally speaking, history contributes to building the narrative of a country or a city and to creating its identity. In Luxembourg, it is above all the medieval past and its great figures to whom we refer since the 19th century. While in the capital, the most emblematic figures are John the Blind, Sigefroid or Ermesinde, Echternach is strongly marked by Saint Willibrord. In art and architecture, but also in everyday objects, there are many reflections of these characters admired for their bravery, their sacrifices and the care they gave to "their" country. These representations continue to this day and shape our perception of the medieval period. The Lëtzebuerg City Museum and the City of Echternach invite you to discover a selection of corresponding objects from various collections in two exhibitions
from different collections in two twin exhibitions.

The two partner institutions (Trifolion Echternach and Lëtzebuerg City Museum) are offering a series of lectures, workshops and tours on the theme.

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21 October > 26 February 2023