No doubt everybody has at some stage been confronted with questions relating to faith, religion and its opposites. The new exhibition “Glaubenssache” (Matter of faith) illustrates how and why we believe and why this subject always gives rise to debate. It also takes visitors on an interactive journey through Luxembourg’s current religious landscape. 

Created by Stapferhaus Lenzburg, the exhibition “Glaubenssache” was born out of the context of religious diversity present in Switzerland. The Luxembourg version outlines the various local beliefs as well as the implementation of these beliefs in a world in which the established religions appear to be drawing fewer and fewer followers. In the exhibition, visitors come face to face with a wall featuring 100 personal objects of “faith”, temporarily bequeathed to the museum by inhabitants from Luxembourg. 

The exhibition also presents interesting comparisons between cultures and portrays Luxembourg traditions such as the cult of the Virgin Mary. The tour of the exhibition holds several surprises for the visitors who, upon entering the exhibition, must decide between a door for believers and a door for non-believers, thus already taking the first step in the analysis of their personal beliefs. At the end of the exhibition, the visitor receives his personal profile of faith. Without wanting to give preferential treatment to one particular belief, the aim of the exhibition is to make the public aware of the various religious cultures and philosophies.


28 November > 7 June 2009