Based on painted or engraved portraits of Counts Peter-Ernst von Mansfeld (1517-1604) and his son Karl von Mansfeld (1543-1595), some of which have only recently been discovered, the exhibition sheds light on two different topics: First, the technical analysis of two historical paintings is presented, which makes it possible to understand the works in their entirety. The second part is devoted to all known representations of the two historical figures and shows how their physiognomy has developed and changed since their lifetime and during the following centuries.

The exhibition is part of the “The Luxembourg Story in focus” series of exhibitions, each of which presents a subject from our permanent exhibition in detail.

In cooperation with the association Amis du Château de Mansfeld

Guided tours:
Sunday at 14:15: 19.11 (LU/DE), 03.12 (EN), 17.12 (FR), 14.01 (FR), 28.01 (LU/DE), 11.02 (EN) (Entrance fee)
Thursday at 18:15: 23.11 (FR), 07.12 (LU/DE), 21.12 (EN), 04.01 (LU/DE), 18.01 (EN), 01.02 (FR), 15.02 (LU/DE) (Free)


17 November > 18 February 2024