The non-profit association Mamie et Moi, in partnership with the Villa Vauban, invites you to take part in a new challenge: to knit an XXL copy of an emblematic painting from the Museum's collection by April 2021. Join the Collective, open to all, by knitting 5cm x 5cm squares to be sent to the Asbl or to be deposited in one of the collection boxes placed throughout the area (one of which is at the entrance to the Villa Vauban).

Find out more about the project and how you can take part, whether or not you are knitting, by going to

This project is supported by the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region.

Discover the many facets of this unique cultural project: virtual guided tours, fun activities, challenges, meetings, and of course knitting.

The Collective invites you to meet them between October and December 2020 in virtual mode from 10am to 11am:

Saturday 10 October - Friday 23 October
Friday 13 November - Saturday 21 November
Saturday 5 December - Thursday 17 December

From January onwards, we meet to knit, sort and assemble the squares in our workshops at the City Museum from 10am to 12pm:

Friday 15 January - Saturday 30 January
Friday 12 February - Saturday 27 February
Friday 12 March - Saturday 27 March -
621 622 794