The spread of the coronavirus and the measures taken against it signify a break in our lives that can be described without exaggeration as historic. The changes in everyday life mean new forms of social contact and of solidarity, intense closeness between parents and their children, but also painful experiences such as the death of relatives or friends, or the fear of economic ruin and job loss. Many of these changes are related to objects, new habits or actions.

The Lëtzebuerg City Museum, whose mission is to document the life of the city’s inhabitants and to include corresponding testimonies in its collection, would like to invite all people living and working in the city of Luxembourg to participate:

If during the current "Corona period", objects that you did not use before have become important in your daily life, if you have created an object yourself to better cope with the new circumstances, if you have noticed a particular object in your surroundings – then we would be grateful if you send us a brief information about it, including a photo and a short explanation.
Through our online form, you can send us this information safely from your home:

We will receive your messages over a longer period of time and will contact you personally get in touch with you if we are interested in adding your object to the museum’s collection. We thank you in advance for your kind and important collaboration – and above all we wish you good health!