The free mobile application "The Luxembourg Story", which has been guiding visitors through the museum's permanent exhibition since 2019, has just been enriched with a thematic audio tour on the history of clothing ("L'habit fait le moine", in French, German and English): comprising 32 stations, it follows the chronology of the exhibition, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, emphasising what clothes tell us, over the centuries, about the people who wear them.

Topics covered: (in the Middle Ages) bourgeois merchants, knights' armour, religious dress; (from the 16th to the 18th century) uniforms; the clothes of the court nobility; liturgical clothes; the attributes of the saints; the clothes of the statue of the Virgin Mary; the sans-culottes and the Napoleonic era; (in the 19th century) the high nobility in the early 19th century; insignia of power; society and dress code; gloves; workers' clothing; 18th to 19th century fashion on portraits of bourgeois; colour conventions and social distinction; children's clothing; (20th century) clothing with memories; stereotypes of "national" costumes.