“Pfaffenthal’s main road is the most immersive thing I have witnessed so far in Second Life. I simply could not get enough of this row of houses.” (echtvirtuell.blogspot.com)

An interactive 3D application in the virtual world of Second Life will transport you to the year 1867, shortly before Luxembourg’s fortress walls were dismantled. You assume the identity of an historic figure in the form of an “avatar” and get to wander the old streets of Pfaffenthal.

Many a door will open to you and you will get to enter dwellings, shops and cafés. Inside St Matthew’s Church, Pfaffenthal’s famous composer Laurent Menager will be playing the organ. You can visit a leather factory in the tanners’ street known as “Lougaass”.

The museum hosts regular workshops, in which you can create your own avatar and, together with other participants, re-enact the daily life of the Pfaffenthal inhabitants in the year 1867. In addition, the virtual world of historic Pfaffenthal is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. All you need to do is create a user account on www.secondlife.com.

Watch the following video and get additionnal information about second life and the workshop on offer:

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