Event date

30 November




F / D / EN / L

In connection with the Best of Posters exhibition, you have the opportunity to learn how to create a unique artwork on paper using various printing techniques. Each month, the museum invites an artist or designer to introduce you to a specific printing technique. You will cut, sculpt, and create your own poster.

Thursday, November 30th: Workshop with Patrick Hallé

Patrick Hallé is a graphic designer and illustrator. He has long been fascinated by engraving, both for its array of different techniques and for its visual richness and the diversity of its results. In this workshop, we will depart from traditional techniques to discover how any object, as long as it's somewhat flat, can become a subject for printing. Participants will create their images using everyday objects, modified or left as they are, to produce prints rich in texture and material.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: T +352 4796 4500, visites@2musees.vdl.lu

Photo: © Patrick Hallé




15 €