Prince Charles de Mansfeld (1543/45-1595), long overshadowed by his father and half-brother, played a significant political and military role that has recently come to light. The lecture explores various aspects of his biography, including his participation in the nobiliary revolt in the Netherlands against Philip II, followed by exile in France, where he married and served at the court of the last kings of the House of Valois. He returned to the Netherlands to serve the Governors General. Following in the footsteps of Alexander Farnese, he became commander-in-chief of the Spanish army in France and then engaged in war against the Ottomans in Hungary, where he died in 1595 after a stunning victory.
The presentation will include an art historical perspective, revealing two new portraits of Charles de Mansfeld on display at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, in addition to the only one previously known. After his death, numerous engravings were made of his portrait, underlining his status as a Christian hero.

Location : Auditorium Henri Beck (2, rue du Genistre)


Benoît Reiter, juriste, historien et secrétaire de l’association des Amis du Château de Mansfeld.




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