Event date

24 June





Max. participants


Participate in a guided tour of the exhibition “Gleef dat net...! Conspiracy theories, past and present”.


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of people are convinced that secret forces are behind social crises. However, the phenomenon of such conspiracy theories is much older, and some accusations have existed for centuries until today. In a historical perspective, the exhibition examines the origins, functioning and spread of conspiracy thinking – from the alleged well poisoning by Jews in the Middle Ages, through Freemasons and Illuminati, to ‘chemtrails’ and anti-vaccinationists. The show, which is rich in exhibits and topics, aims to make a contribution to a socially relevant topic as well as to provide support for the distinction between fact and fiction, which is particularly important in the Internet age.


Max. participants: 4 people


A reservation is recommended in order to guarantee you a spot on the guided tour.

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15 July 18h30
25 July 11h00
5 August 18h30
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Entrance fee: 5,00€