Literature and the media frequently confront their audiences with either true or false descriptions of capital offences, bringing to light the limits and taboos of human behaviour. While these stories quench a widespread thirst for sensation, they also inflame a public debate regarding the attitude to adopt towards murderers and the understanding of the motives underlying their actions.

The exhibition “Murder and Manslaughter” focuses in particular on Luxembourg and endeavours to analyse the phenomenon of violent crime and its historical and current facets. Visitors are invited to observe crimes in their biographical and social contexts. During their visit, they are confronted with their own craving for sensation and prompted to ask themselves some important moral and philosophical questions.

The exhibition gathers objects from international collections: incriminating evidence from police sources, relics from the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, photographs, objects from ethnological collections, extracts from documentaries and fiction films, documents, sound compositions and music.

As the subtitle suggests, the exhibition is dedicated to life. By being confronted with testimonies from the past and present, visitors are in fact invited to raise their own awareness of the value of life.



10 July > 28 March 2010