Is football, the world’s most popular sport, a religion of the 21st century? For many supporters it is more than a simple passion: football shapes lives, provides a purpose in life and may even give reason to live. It may unite, but also separate people.

At first glance, the world of football and the world of religion do not have a lot in common. But taking a closer look, similarities can be found: both are marked by rituals and emotional experiences that are shared with fellow “believers”. Authority and firm rules play a role in both, as do ideals and virtues. Symbols have a lot of power. Sport reports are often about worship, saviours and saints, even about “football gods”. Fans spread slogans such as “football is my religion”. Has football indeed become a modern form of faith?

“Football Hallelujah!” appeals to a large audience. By means of “venerable” objects, merchandise and memorabilia, lots of photos and films, music and interactive media stations including a quiz, the exhibition highlights the fascinating relation between football, religion and society in an international context.The exhibition furthermore reflects the diversity of football supporters in Luxembourg who are passionate about foreign as well as domestic clubs. In a separate section, photos and objects as well as local club insignia testify to the more than 100 years of Luxembourg football history.

International travelling exhibition, conceived by Historisches Museum Basel and Amsterdam Museum


7 October > 12 March 2017