The multiple current crises are shaking Europe to its foundations. What does Europe mean today? A political project? A common culture? A large economic area? And who exactly are “the Europeans”?

Pure Europe is an exhibition that leads visitors in an original way to a critical reflection on the clichés that exist about Europe: “national”, “old”, “Christian”, “rich”, “white” and “cultivated”. The exhibition confronts the idea of a “pure” Europe with both historical and current aspects of its actual diversity. However, rather than offering definitive answers, the exhibition aims to provoke thought. By frequently changing perspectives, the exhibition invites visitors to confront their preconceptions and form their own opinions.

At the end of the exhibition, a creative workshop with a reading corner invites visitors to express themselves freely around the theme of Europe.

First shown as part of Esch 2022 – European Capital of Culture, the exhibition has been specifically adapted for the Lëtzebuerg City Museum.


22 March > 12 January 2025