Workshop for children: Treasure box
17H00–23H00 (MULTILINGUAL) - From 6 years old, for accompanied children from 4 years old. Without registration.

Become a collector yourself! Build a collector's box in which you can store your favourite treasures for eternity.

Pol Belardi & Friends
19H00, 20H00, 21H00, 22H00-01hH00

Pol Belardi & Friends are the perfect musical accompaniment for this year's Museum Night: first, you can enjoy the improvisational skills of these creative minds indoors. Then the evening will continue on the Corniche, where the classical instruments will be replaced by a DJ set and you can end the evening in a cosy atmosphere.

Coup de cœur, with Thomas Iser
20H30 (FR/EN)

French-Luxembourgish globetrotter Thomas Iser is a self-taught performer, photographer and painter. He wishes with his art to inspire people to use their suffering to fuel the accomplishment of their dreams. His project Universal Humanity include an impressive number of personalities and artists like Pharrell Williams, Nicole Scherzinger, Bob Sinclar, Willem Dafoe, Romero Britto, Mark Seliger, David Lachapelle or Gigi Hadid just to name a few. His art is widely inspired by graffiti and is directly related to his personal journey. Thomas Iser is definitely making a name in the art world putting all his energy into travelling, painting, meeting people, creating and connecting the dots to reveal a real masterpiece.

Thematic guided tours in the framework of the exhibition 'Gleef dat net ... !'
Duration: 30 min.

18H00 (FR): 'Conspiracy theories from the 20th and 21st century'
19H00 (EN): 'Conspiracy theories in the 1960s and 1970s in America'
20H00 (FR): 'A Jewish world conspiracy'
21H00 (FR): 'Conspiracy theories involving the Freemasons and the Illuminati'
22H00 (EN): 'Conspiracy theories in the Middle Ages'
23H00 (FR): 'Luxemburgish conspiracy theories'

'Lëtz’ talk Art: Contemporary art at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum'
18H30 (EN), 20 min.: Visit with Anne Hoffmann, Deputy Curator & Head of Digital Development / Social Media
21H30 (LU), 20 min.: Visit with Julie Reuter, Deputy Curator

'The development of the fortress of the city of Luxembourg'
19H30 (LU), 60 min.

With the help of five city models, visitors will be introduced to the military architecture, the history of the fortress of Luxembourg and the urban development from the end of the 10th century until 1867.

'The museum’s architectural and archeological scenery'
22H30 (LU), 60 min

Since 1996, the Lëtzebuerg City Museum has been located in a complex of four historic houses in the old town of Luxembourg. During this visit, you will discover the eventful past of the capital since the Middle Ages as well as the local architectural and archaeological heritage through the museum architecture.

Exhibition: Student projects - Young architects
Young contributions to architecture. In the works of young architects there is a a fresh wind for an architecture that does not yet have to orient itself to all the criteria of feasibility, usability and economic efficiency.

Eric Schanck, Architect, University of Stuttgart
Gil Greis, Architect, di:’angewandte, Wien
Nora Amélie Sahr, Architect, TU Wien
Marion Delaporte, Architect, AA School, London

22h00 - 01h00

Luxembourg‘s self proclaimed educational podcast „Paus.“ is capturing Lëtzebuerg City Museum’s #MuseTechLounge to cause some trouble and entertain with lots of curiosity, opinions and semi-knowledge. It's worth stopping by - whether to get insights into the podcast production universe or just to chat to Jill and Yannick about anything and everything and be part of a very special episode!

Culinary Night: Catering and drinks by 'Benoît Claude Viticulteurs'