On its YouTube channel 'Lëtzebuerg City Youseum', the museum has just launched its first series 'E staarkt Stéck', dedicated to objects kept in its collections. In each episode, in a resolutely humorous tone, a slightly sullen pensioner (played by Will Aust) visits a place in the city to discover the history of the site through an object. Each time, the object is closely linked to the place where Will is, and the two mascots of Les 2 Musées de la Ville, Mil the dog and Edward the bird, reveal all the secrets.

5th episode: «E staarkt Stéck Papeier»

4th episode: «E staarkt Stéck Schoul»

3th episode: «E staarkt Stéck Happ»

2nd episode:«E staarkt Stéck Stad»

1st episode:«E staarkt Stéck Porzeläin»