The Muerbelsmillen exhibition targets a wide audience and is of particular interest to young visitors, given its themes cover everything from the milling process to the supplies, from the craftsmanship to the power of water. Visitors can discover the mill on their own or in a group with a facilitator.

The exhibition features spaces encouraging discovery and further investigation, as well as spaces reserved for documentation and discussion.

Visitors are greeted by a great water wheel driven by the canal with an explanatory panel providing a summary of the mill’s history.
The first-storey room in which the milling took place is still home to the old grindstones and gears, which have been perfectly restored.
Excerpts from archival films illustrate the operation of the mill. Visitors then enter a space containing more in-depth information regarding the previous rooms, using graphic panels and models. The former mustard packaging room showcases a number of original items that document the production and various uses of mustard: advertising, packaging, invoices, etc. The exhibition tour can be extended with a film screening or an educational workshop in a space specially reserved for this purpose..

The Museum is open every Saturday and Sunday between 2 pm and 6 pm.
Adress: 69, rue de Mohrfels, L-2158 Luxembourg

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Concept and museography: Lëtzebuerg City Museum
Exhibition concept: Hans Fellner
Scenography: Anouk Schiltz