As part of its exhibition "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin!" (until 9 July 2023), the Lëtzebuerg City Museum has just published a scientific work comprising 18 contributions by historians and other specialists in associative life in Luxembourg City.

This collective work examines the origins of the associative phenomenon in Luxembourg, from the brotherhoods of the Middle Ages to the traditional associative culture of the 19th and 20th centuries. The articles deal with many aspects: the legal framework of freedom of association, the policy of public subsidies, professional associations, the role of the café as a meeting place or the Gleichschaltung of Luxembourg associations under the Nazi regime. The reader discovers the history and profile of associations as diverse as those devoted to sport or music, freemasonry, linguistic societies, Jewish, Islamic or Italian associations, former members of the Resistance, and even the temperance movement and matchbox label collectors.
With contributions from : Evamarie Bange, Henri Bressler, Marie Luisa Caldognetto, Marlène Duhr, Gilles Genot, Mohamed Hamdi, Elisabeth Hoffmann, Eva Jullien, Claude Kremer, André Linden, Elsa Pirenne, Robert L. Philippart, Paul Rousseau, Marc Schoentgen, Renée Wagener

Sous la direction de / hg. von Gilles GENOT
Sociabilité au Luxembourg / Geselligkeit in Luxemburg
Book published on the occasion of the exhibition / Sammelband zur Ausstellung Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin! La vie associative dans la ville de Luxembourg depuis le 19e siecle / Das Vereinsleben in der Stadt Luxemburg seit dem 19. Jahrhundert, 25.3.2022-9.7.2023
Publications of the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, 2
Luxembourg, 2023
476 pages, colour illustrations, texts in German and French
ISBN 978-2-919878-26-0, € 45