Visit the Museum's exhibition and discover a mobile application of the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to the growing belief that secret forces are at work behind social crises. These theories are by no means new; on the contrary, certain hypotheses have existed for centuries up to the present day. This guided tour will take you through the origins, workings and spread of conspiracy thinking - from the alleged poisoning of wells by Jews in the Middle Ages, to the Freemasons and the Illuminati, to "chemtrails" and anti-vaccinationists. The exhibition helps to better distinguish between fact and fiction, which has become particularly important in the age of the Internet.

At the end of the tour, the Zentrum für politesch Bildung presents its mobile application mobile application, a website which helps you to distinguish between information and and manipulation. On the basis of 10 questions, you can decide whether the author of a message wants to to inform you about something or to push you in a certain direction.

Réservation required

Date & language: 05.06 (LU/DE) - 03.07 (FR)

Max. Participants: According to the Covid-19 rules in place