Italy is synonymous with sun and living la dolce vita, France is associated with red wine and baguettes, Germany is famous for its Oktoberfest and garden gnomes… but what are the symbols and clichés that represent the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its eponymous capital? The answer to this question has even locals at a loss.

Luxembourg is one of the world's smallest nations and has spent many centuries of its history as part of greater entities. Nonetheless, the country exhibits a multitude of idiosyncrasies. Twenty-six of these have been singled out by the Luxembourg City History Museum and will be presented from A for "aanescht" to Z for "zefridden" in a special exhibition.

Each letter on display stands for a theme, which is presented in conjunction with facts, photos, video and audio recordings as well as objects. While the presentation may be serious or humorous, it is always informative, providing new and unexpected experiences to foreign visitors and locals alike. The panoply on display covers all facets of Luxembourg life: its history, culture, economy, politics, society, religion, language and traditions. The 26 letters paint an original picture of Luxembourg, in which the monarchy, the Portuguese next door, football, cycling and the love of cars and money all play an important role.


24 November > 31 August 2014